Adapted sessions to include people who have a learning and/or physical disability with yoga instructor Nick Sheppard

Unconditional Yoga with Nick

Having been fortunate enough to work with adults with a learning and/or physical disability for many years, and a developing a love of yoga, I decided to bring them both together.

Six years ago I started a moving and stretching class at Windward Day Services. Having seen the benefit to the group, I took the plunge travelling to India in 2015 to qualify as a yoga instructor.

Since January 2019 I have solely concentrated on Unconditional Yoga, and I’m looking forward to many sessions with existing Yogis and new.

The benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness include:


–  Improving motor control and motor planning skills
–  Developing physical strength, muscle tone and balance
–  Promoting flexibility and correcting postural misalignment
–  Increasing self-awareness
–  Establishing calm, organised mental states
–  Improve concentration
–  Reduce hyperactivity
–  Relieve respiratory ailments
–  Develop the ability to relax
–  Release tension
–  Reduce fear, frustration and stress
–  Enrich the quality and quantity of sleep



Classes are weekly at the Helix Centre in Verwood & Nedderman Centre in New Milton


Helix Centre Mondays 13:30 – 15:00

Nedderman Centre Tuesdays 10.30 – 11.45


£5 per session (concessions for users of Windward Day Services)


I like the stretching to the heart and Namaste pose. I like doing warrior pose. It makes me feel relaxed and good inside the body.

Nick is a very good yoga teacher and I found his sessions enjoyable!


I like doing the tree pose. I enjoy the chillaxing at the end. It helps me with my balance.

Nick is a good teacher and I like the smell of his incense.


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